AKS migration – Azure Container Service to Azure Kubernetes  – EFIO @ ERHVERSSTYRELSEN

Period: 2020 – 2021

Location: CPH

Consultant: Jes Struck


COMPANIES USE virksomhedsguiden.dk

‘It was a pleasure to work with Jes Struck from Efio. Very quickly, Efio understood the challenges we were facing, and Efio was very good to take part in collaborating with both Operations and Virksomhedsguiden.dk.’

AKS migration  virksomhedsguiden.dk platform from Azure Containers Services (ACS) to Azure Kubernetes (AKS)

The Danish Business Authority, Erhvervsstyrelsen – (ERST) works to make it easy and attractive to run a responsible business in Denmark. To create the best conditions, and help companies grow in Europe. Virksomhedsguiden.dk is an online information portal, that aims to help companies start, drive and develop businesses in Denmark.

efio worked on a project to migrate the virksomhedsguiden.dk portal from a no longer supported Azure Container Service (ACS) platform to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). As ERST already had a handful of other projects running on AKS, it made sense to align their existing setup to a common, secure platform. The migration was prioritized due to multiple operational issues, it will improve and simplify the future operation of the site.

Responsibilities and accomplishments:

  • Upgrade Kubernetes and document the upgrade process. efio’s job was to define a reusable process for this task. This led to a clearly defined, 3 step process with well-defined checks and gates for each step.
  • Project enrollment was improved, by adding features such as Infrastructure-as-Code to the existing enrollment tool. This widened the area of responsibility of the enrollment tool and removed manual steps.
  • ERST was building a new patch management tool for their infrastructure, and efio advised on how to best implement the requirements on the chosen technology.
  • As DevOps Engineer, the goal was to improve the operations of all current and future projects supported by Team SKY.

efio’s role

efio’s DevOps consultant joined a development team of three engineers.

Tools and Techniques used:

ACS, AKS, Azure, az-cli, Docker, Git, kubctl, kubectx, kubens, Kubernetes, Linux, Terraform, Jenkins CI