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What is new and what we talk about. Read more about what we have on our mind about techniques and technologies, how we use them. We love to discuss and debate topics such as continuous integration and delivery, 12-factor apps, serverless first nano services, containers, and infrastructure as code.

At efio we preach about the cultural phenomenon, DevOps.

DevOps is all about communication, collaboration, and end-to-end responsibility. About breaking down the walls and barriers between development and operations.

See what we have to say. It’s not only about what we do but how we do it. What makes us efio. Get in touch with us if you want to be a contributor.

interns at efioefio

Internship at efio

by Asta Øjvind Nielsen
During our internship at efio, we worked with event-driven microservices using AWS serverless services following agile and incremental processes.
Social coding and hackathons at efioefio

Social coding and hackathons

by Asta Øjvind Nielsen
When you see the world as code like we do, efio is a fantastic place to work. Perks include working with newest tools and technologies, with challenging projects, hanging out with colleagues who have minds that think a like — And then we have our yearly Hackathons, which is the time we really get to play and be creative with projects we have come up with ourselves.
lærling hos efioefio

Vil du arbejde med systemudvikling pa den fede måde?

by Joachim Rørbøl
Webshops der uden problemer klarer black-friday trafikken, video-streaming platform med millioner af seere, systemer der sikkert overfører billioner af kroner, eller håndtere peta-bytes der bruges til udvikling af livsredende medicin og udstyr.

Switching out the “default” Nginx for Traefik

by Andreas Vikke
Changing out the Nginx Ingress Controller for Traefik, is not the hardest task. Small changes to Traefik’s default configuration, and you’ll be up and running.
Upgrading Kubernetes with zero downtimeefio

Upgrading Kubernetes with zero downtime

by Simon
Managing Kubernetes is not an easy task, but with the right choices and measures in place, upgrading Kubernetes with zero downtime from one version to another does not have to be all that hard.